A downloadable game for Windows

A game made for the Lets Create Jam.
A shooter platformer in which the player must Beat Level 5!

Survive for 30 seconds to beat each level, starting with level 5. 
The player may choose to go down a level at any time, slowing time down in the previous level(s). 
Once a level is beaten upgrades may be selected. The player then returns to the previous level (with their new upgrades) and time returns to normal speed.
Dying in a level will also return the player to the previous level, however without the upgrades!
Kill enemies to fill the Crystal with POWER. The more POWER the stronger the upgrade!
A/D - Move left/right
Space - Jump
Left Mouse Button  - Shoot
Shift - Grab wall
F - Go down a level.
TheCalster - Programming, Art, Visual Effects
Ben "Orange B" Bolstridge - Sound Effects
SCP-173 - Music

Install instructions

Download .rar file.
Extract and run.


Beat Level 5 92 MB