A downloadable game for Windows

Entry for the 2017 Wizard Jam 5.
Theme: "A Thousand Dormant Machines" - Important If True Episode 4.

Make your way through levels, avoiding automatons and collecting vital parts to ready the petard. Use the petard to take down the brain boss at the end of the level!

A/D  - Move left/right
Space - Jump

Sound & Music : Atlantic
Programming : TheCalster
Artwork : zi11ion
Level Design : wormo

Install instructions

Download .zip file.
Extract, and run.


A Thousand Dormant Machines 26 MB


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This game looks amazing, but I can't see the whole game on my 1366x768 laptop monitor. :(

Those robot barks were delightful. Cute pixel art too!

The game felt pretty difficult to me, I even managed to self-hoist :) But eventually all brains fell to my perseverance.