A downloadable game for Windows

This game is a combination of the games Snake and Tetris

Block outlines and food blocks continuously fall towards the bottom of the screen.

The player controls the snake to consume the food, and cover the outlines, in order to create bricks which build up on the bottom.

On consumption of food the snake grows. On covering an outline, the snake shrinks.

If a full row is filled with bricks, the bricks are destroyed. For every brick destroyed the player is awarded a point, multiplied by the length of the snake.

The player has the ability to force a bottom row destruction, once having at least an 11x multiplier. On use the snake shrinks by 10 body pieces, and as a result the multiplier is reduced to 1x.

Settings can be adjusted for varied gameplay.


Snake control - Arrows/WASD

Ability - Space Bar


SnakeEnstein Tetris 7 MB

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